RSA Network Radios

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RSA Network Radios

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Network Radios in South Africa

RSA Network Radios CH01
RSA Network Radios CH02
RSA Network Radios CH03
RSA Network Radios TESTING
RSA Network Radios EVENTS

This channels is for Radio Amateurs and radio enthusiasts in South Africa, but not limited to.

There are 6 active channels. To find them, search for ‘RSA Network Radios. To talk, please await ‘trusted’ status.

We bring together radio enthusiasts of all backgrounds. You will hear a lot of licensed ‘Hams’ using Amateur callsigns and procedures.

Please keep your language and content ‘family friendly’ - bad language is the number one reason for being ‘bounced’.

Call for a contact on ANY channel. There is no priority or calling channel.

We hope you enjoy using Network Radios!

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